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Quick Facts About Say:

Lessons are 55min long. Focus on speaking and building communication skills—NOT memorizing scripts.

Pouch System where you can take any lesson from our Level 1-5, Hangul, Pronunciation, and Business Korean courses!

Over 30,000 Instagram followers worldwide learning Korean with our content. Average lesson rating is 4.9/5.0 (Based on over 20,000 reviews)

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Student Testimonial

Our student Lisa from the US shares her 6-month Korean transformation with Say!

Why Learn Korean Online With Say?

Get as close as possible to immersion learning with our tutors! For a fraction of a college Korean course, you're getting 1:1 online tutoring with professionals and a structured curriculum designed to help you crush Korean and actually start speaking it!

1:1 online tutoring

With our curriculum, you'll be matched with your own bilingual tutor trained to improve your fluency fast!

Convenient class times

Book classes around your busy schedule. Available Mon-Sun from 7am to 11pm KST. Reschedule up to 24 hours before class.

Structured lesson plans

Quickly improve conversational skills with lesson plans based on common everyday life themes. Over 150 topics on real-life. All included with no separate textbook fees.

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“Say makes learning
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"I love that I can learn with Say right at home on my couch. I used to take offline lessons at a local academy. But with the corona situation these days, it’s been tough learning offline so Say makes it convenient for me to book lessons anytime from my computer."

English Teacher, Canada

Frequently asked questions.

1. How does the 15-Day Trial work?

For 50% off the regular price, you get 3 trial lessons (55min each) to book with your Say tutors anytime within the trial period. Lesson materials are all included. No separate textbook fees. You'll also receive tutor feedback forms and our study plans to supplement your learning!

2. What curriculum will I use?

All students that enroll have access to Core classes (Hangul, Pronunciation, Say Level 1-5 Courses). You do not need to start from scratch if you already have previous Korean learning experience. You can look at our syllabi for the courses and start at the lesson topic that suits you best.

3. Who are my tutors? / Which tutor should I learn with?

Students can go to our Tutor page to see who they can learn with. As a Say student, you can learn from any of our tutors and can browse their profiles and video introductions to see which one best fits your needs. 

4. What happens if I don’t finish in time or need to reschedule?

We have a 24-hour advance cancellation option. If you need to rebook, make sure to cancel your lesson prior to 24 hours of class and you can reschedule to a different day, as long as it is within your trial period (no rebookings available past your lesson expiration date).

See Jason's Improvements
After 1 Year

Jason is one of our youngest students at Say and was able to quickly improve his speaking skills. With consistent effort, we're confident you can also make similar gains in your Korean fluency!

"When I first started learning with Say, it was very difficult to handle conversation questions. Very happy to see the improvements in just as little as 2 months. As usual, I enjoyed the lesson a lot. Thought provocative conversations with the teacher are definitely very interesting to me."
alex cohen
Pediatric Doctor, USA
10.15.22 11:25
“Today’s lesson was great. I really struggled with my pronunciation, but my tutor helped me get the hang of it. I really enjoyed this lesson and felt that the material will be useful in my daily life in Korea. I am looking forward to reviewing my lesson with my tutor’s feedback form!”
Stanley LOPEZ
English Teacher, South Korea
10.28.22 5:54
"Found this lesson a bit more difficult than the previous ones, but my Say tutor did a good job on being patient and helping me through it. Thank you so much for teaching me so late at night! She had a lot of energy which I was thankful for, considering I booked a late time"
Nurse, Colombia
10.29.22 6:30
"A good lesson! This class was my first level 4 class so I was worried about it being too difficult but my tutor made it very easy for me to follow and gave me lots of speaking practice"
Ashley Tobin
Accountant, Canada
10.10.22 12:22

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